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My Sextant!

Aboard the Leviathan...

There is some activity on deck this morning as crew members go to and fro carrying out duties. The crew is a mix of men from many different shadows, the most notable being a Cibolan with facial tattoos and ritual body scarring who is currently engaged in barking orders to various men.. probably the bosun's mate. His words are a mixture of affirming good jobs and threats of what the captain will do if the ship isn't ready to sail in two days.

Talia watches as Syeira makes adjustments to the nature of her clothing, looking more amused by the moment. She has been watching the comings and goings aboard the ship far longer than her companion and opts to start climbing up the side of the ship. Dressed as she is in men's clothing it's not a hard journey for her to make and it appears to be one that she's skilled in as well. Someone has done this before. Many times.

Syeira sashays up to board the ship. Hair tossled back she makes no secret of that Dybel bloodline with multi-hued curls. She is whistling and waving to the men. Her shirt tucked in the front that with her arm lifted in waving that jeweled belly ring is barely glimpsed against her olive skin. Making no secret of her assets and anything but shy making her way up onto the deck seeming no stranger to a ship.

It isn't long before catcalls and whistles begin to go Sye's way. Talia isn't noticed as of yet, so Sye soon has 3 sailors leering at her and seem to be about to try and work their charms on her, such as they are. The Cibolan bosun's mate seems a good bit more disciplined than his fellows though and cuffs one of them on the back of the head with a, "Get back to work before ye get fitted for yer chains." The three sailors grumble and give Sye a couple more glances but get back about their duties.

The bosun's mate approaches Sye and looks her up and down. He's not leering so he may be checking her for arms. "Look here! Ye can't just walk up aboard a ship. Who are ye and what do ye want? Speak quickly!"

Talia is aiming for the windows, those that are placed where only one person will reside: She's after the Captain's cabin. There's no doubt about it. If the noises on the deck are paid heed to there's no sign of it. Quick and quiet in her work, moving with a deftness that betrays the fact that she's good at her work. And single minded too. But then there's likely a limited window for pilfering.

Syeira's hands go to her hips, and the hips shift just so, ya she's no stranger to making sure that even if they are doing their duties intent on keeping attention on her. Gold flecking on the skin showing, with outlined gold tatoos or body paint apparent where her blouse is just a bit low cut. What is vividly clear is if she's hiding a weapon one would have to seriously wonder where or how. Her head leaning to the side eyeing up the bosonu's mate for while he may be leering, she certainly is checking out his assets whistling low, "I'm Sye and I wanted to see the pretty boat, ya" she winks at one of the men as they walk by.

The bosun's mate grins at Sye, showing front teeth that have been filed down into points with metal caps on the upper canines. "You're Sye eh, and you just wanted to see the pretty ship?" Without looking he reaches over and cuffs a sailor who's standing too close to him and still gawking at Sye. "Go tell the captain there's a woman out here who wants to see his pretty vessel." The sailor who got cuffed runs off to do that amidst scattered laughter.

No one still seems to have noticed Talia as she makes her way around to a window on the aftcastle that is probably the captain's stateroom. Sure enough, looking through she can see Jhavid going over some papers, but what they are she can't see from there. She's only there a few seconds when there's a knock on the door, "Captain, woman 'ere to see ya. Dressed like a fancy slut she is too."

Jhavid puts down the paperwork he was looking at and folds it. Nautical charts can briefly be seen is it gets folded. He very calmly calls out through the door, "I wasn't expecting a visitor this morning. Show her in and spread the word quietly to look lively."

Talia freezes at the knock on the door and bides her time, ear pressed to the window as she listens. Then she's testing it to see if it will allow her access. No doubt there's a silent cursing in her head that the Captain isn't leaving the cabin, but you make a play of what you have dealt to you. And she intends to do it. She tests the window with care, not wishing to alert Jhavid to her presence.

Syeira winks at the bosun pretty metal capped sharp teeth and all. As the sailor is running off to get the captain she starts to look around the ship, "Yep, I seen another one. Best view was from up in the riggins, ya" starting to shift her weight this way and that, then making her way toward the riggings for the sails, "Your captain won't mind I'm sure right?" hips swaying wiggling her fingers to a few of the other crew members. Hearing she's to be shown to the captain's chambers she shakes her head, "Riggins are the best view, I'll just be a moment, ya" her attention caught by one of the guns she tries to skip over toward it, "Oh what's this?"

The bosun's mate moves to cut off Sye, and invades her personal space as he does so. "Ye'll be seein' what we tell ye that ye can see missy, an' right now that be whatever the cap'n says. So it's him ye see first. Were I you, I'd pray it's not a guided tour of the crew." It's about that time the sailor who got cuffed earlier runs back up and informs, "Cap'n Flay said he wasn't expectin' visitors, but ta show 'er to his quarters." The bosun's mate gives the sailor a knowing nod, and the same to a couple nearby crew members before looking back to Sye. He points in a direction aft and says, "This way, missy."

Opening a window without alerting a wide awake person in the room is slow business. Testing the porthole shows it to be unlocked, and it's not rusty so those are good signs. Gentle pressure yield as the window cracks open every so slightly. For his part Jhavid seems intent on the door, waiting.

Talia is in no hurry. she's found herself a nice niche in which to make sure she doesn't fall. She gently eases the window slowly open, perhaps thanking some god or other that they believe in care of a ship. But then she is Chantris, she might curse them if they didn't. Slowly, slowly. Ever so slowly. With a vague glare at the Captain's back willing him away from the room.

Syeira sighs dramatically, "I didn't want to see the captain or his quarters." she shrugs, "I've seen a ton of captains an their quarters are all the same, "Just let me up in the riggings eh? Not like I've got a weapon. I want to draw a picture of the pretty boat and you can even look in my art bag..no weapons just sketch pads and paint brushes, ya?" she winks to the bosun, "You near one of the guns, birdseye view. Won't be able to keep the ladies off you, ya" starting to head in the direction of the cabin by way of trying to get near the riggings for a better look at them.

"Yer beginnin' to test my patience girlie" the bosun's mate snarls at Sye. Pirates can often by an angry or impatient bunch and this Cibolan seems to have a good measure of both qualities. It's about that time that Sye and the rest of the crew can hear a deep voice yell from the aft cabin, "When I give an order aboard the Leviathan I expect it to be obeyed, HANDSOMELY NOW!" The Cibolan actually gets a brief look of fear mixed in with his impatience and actually begins to physically escort Sye aft.

Looking through the window Talia can see Jhavid begin to grow impatient at the delay. It doesn't take more moments before he gets up from the chair and proceeds to the cabin hatch, opening it wide but not exiting and shouting, "When I give an order aboard the Leviathan I expect it to be obeyed, HANDSOMELY NOW!" He remains in the hatchway, waiting.

Talia takes her chance and slides into the room, dropping lightly onto the floor. It's the Captain's table she's busy eyeing up, as there are no doubt personal items to be had there that he will miss. And then some. She attempts to slide over there. Compass. There must be a compass there. Or some other valued trinket. Not necessarily intrinsically valuable, but valuable to Jhavid.

Syeira gasps as the bosun tries to phsyically try to escourt her, tripping, and moving to fall off to the side, "Hey now! I just wanted to see the boat no reason to go throwing me about, ya!" moving to try and roll away to get up, "Now what kind of way is that to be complimenting the pretty boat an go and get all thrown about?"

The bosun's mate doesn't let Sye fall, catching her by the arm. He uses the other hand to push open the hatch to the aftcastle wher Jhavid can be seen standing in the hatchway to his cabin. He promptly dismisses the bosun's mate with a, "That will do." The bosun's mate looks like he'd rather backhand Sye for her good measure, but thinks better of it and walks off. Jhavid takes another step closer to Sye, but this doesn't quite give room for the hatch to close behind him. "My apologies miss. Pirates are a paranoid bunch, and Mr. Grin does not really 'ave what we call the social skills. Now, who are ye?"

There are a number of items on the table, nautical charts, a magnifying glass, but what really stands out is a particularly well worked sextant. It's obviously seen it's fair share of use, but it's also been well cared for.

Talia spots the sextant and a smile comes to her face. But there's no rough treatment for such a valuable piece of equipment. She's sailing in her blood and it shows in the way she takes her time, unfolds a clean kerchief and wraps it with care, casting a quick look up to make sure she's not about to be interrupted. Her prize is carefully tucked into a hidden pocket in her doublet. Because yes, someone really is equipped for thievery. Then she's moving to the hatch again.

Syeira is practically drug to that aft'castle by the bosun's mate getting ready to let out what women like to refer to as the ear drum shattering screetch when she is released. Yep, she's going to add insult to injury and as soon as she is released from his grip she promptly falls back on her ass...ets, "Ow!" rubbing her arm as if he had a death grip on her no matter that he likely didn't hurt her at all, with a hmph, "Mr. Grin?" she leans back looking after the sharp capped tooth man, "Now there is a name, ya." she moves to slowly get up, "Like I told him, I'm Sye. I wanted to look at the pretty boat, maybe get a few sketches, but noooo he had to go and get all frisky, ya"

Jhavid looks at Sye curiously for a moment before answering. "Mr Grin is not his real name of course. We call him that because no one can pronounce his real name. Sye is a rather unusual name itself. Probably short for something, am I right? Tell me Sye, have you ever been on a ship before?" He holds out his hand to Sye, offering her assistance in getting up.

The sextant is obviously the work of a master craftsman now that Talia has ahold of it, and no doubt is extremely accurate. Jhavid for his part seemingly hasn't noticed Talia in his cabin, probably because his attention is currently focused on Sye.

Talia is not going to be in his cabin for long. She has what she came for, she's on her way out again, though she does something odd as she slides herself out of the cabin. She whispers something as she pauses half in, half out, tilting her head up to the breeze before she pulls herself fully out of the cabin and moves to close the port hole behind her.

Syeira accepts the hand up, grinning, "Of course it is" she turns to look around the ship then and nods, "I was on one boat, on the way to Kitehz, ya. They were teaching me how to play in the riggings during the sailing. I got the best sketches from up there." she points to one of the guns, "What's that?" yep completely opposite direction from the cabin.

Jhavid stops and cocks his head as if something's not right, but he can't put his finger on it. It only lasts a second until Sye has his attention again. "If ye've been aboard a ship before Sye, then ye'd know that simply walking aboard without a hail or asking permission is asking to be met with a poor reception, and ye didn't answer my question. Yer aboard my vessel. Minos maritime law, which Amber honors says each captain is king aboard his own vessel. That means my word be law here. Now, answer my question please. What is yer full name?"

It seemed like a close call, maybe Jhavid felt the breeze from the porthole that had been closed before or heard sounds from the docks coming from both sides. Whatever the case it seems Sye did her part and the porthole gets closed without Jhavid noticing it was open, for now.

Talia slinks down the side of the ship again, with as much care and caution not to be seen as she did on the way up. Getting caught on the way out would just be worse, after all. There's proof of her intent nestling in that doublet. And it's as if she's waiting for something too as she hand over hands on her way down towards the dock.

Syeira turns and looks toward Jhavid, "Oh, Sorry. They didn't mention that when I was on the other ship" she shrugs, "My bad. I'm Syeira Lovela" she rests her hands on her hips, "Tell you what. I'll send word next time and we can set up a time when I can get a few sketches, ya?" she smirks, "I'm not much for formality and junk. Kindda boring. I see something or someone I want to draw, muse hits, I just walk up and sketch, ya."

At the mention of Sye's full name, Jhavid's stance seems to change somewhat. He puts his hands on his hips and looks at her curiously. "Do ye now? Well far be it from me to stand in the way of artistic blossoming. Ye might want to be careful in the future though. A young woman, alone, at the docks, dressed showing skin as ye are and not selling 'erself draws suspicion. That is unless she's already known to be a real killer, such as Captain Bloodwhiskers. But ye aren't." One of the crewmen walks by and Jhavid nods at him worldessly. "Do ye still be wishin' to draw me ship, lass?"

As skillfully as she made it up the side of the ship, no one seems to notice Talia as she scales back down. The sextant has been safely purloined from the ship.

Talia is soon stepping back up onto the docks as if nothing has happened. And there she loiters, looking like just another lad keeping an eye on something, or waiting. Which happens to be what she's doing.

Syeira shrugs her shoulders as her name is majorily associated with being an artist, anything else not really advertised and more gossiped, "Well now seeing her captain, just would seem empty without a sketch of him first, ya?" she giggles, "Seriously? I'm a gypsy, most don't want nothing to do with getting in arms distance. The whole evil eye thing. Sides, how many ships do you think I get denied entry looking like this?"

Jhavid nods, obviously conceding the point. "Fair enough, but ye've caught me at a busy time and I don't have time to pose for a sketch unless ye want to sketch me while I'm workin'. I leave it up to you." The crew is still going about it's business but Sye might notice that the amount of crewmen on deck has nearly tripled since she first arrived.

Syeira hmmms tapping her foot, "I was more thinking next to one of the guns, ya." she shrugs, "I'll contact you at another time, and maybe we can work out a time, ya" she glances around the ship, "Too many around to distract." she taps her foot, "Oh you know you never gave me your name, ya?"

Jhavid nods, musing, perhaps liking the idea of being drawn but not enough to distract him from what he currently needs to be doing. "My apologies miss. Captain Flay, at yer service. I'm not opposed to being drawn, but I think yer right about this not bein' a good time. I think a sketch against the night sky might be better anyway. Another time then?"

Syeira giggles, "Ooo the night sky, but a gun" she winks, "All for it, ya" she moves to back away, "I'll find my way off. Sorry for any." she giggles and motions around his crew, "You really should give them more shore leave, a gypsy shouldn't be able to turn 'that' many heads" turning to skip from the ship wiggling her fingers at the bosun's mate in her preparation to part.

Jhavid scoffs at the notion. "I could give them a year's shore leave and they'd be just as buggered by a pretty face. Fear not lass, Amber is a smaller place than people think. I'm sure we'll be seein' each other again, and soon."

Syeira shrugs, "Maybe. Who knows if we run in the same circles, ya" skipping down to leave the ship.

On the ship, Syeira disembarks.
Syeira has left.

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