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Tense in the Library

--[ Library ]---------------------------------------------[ Royal Palace ]----

You enter a room with walls of words, beautiful and wise, all around
you. A multitude of books cover an abundance of shelves and a large
fireplace stands ready to provide a warm cozy fire. Interspersed among
them and around the room are a number of wooden chairs, easy chairs,
tables and stools, perfect for lounging around in with a good book. To
aid in this endeavor, a well-stocked cabinet and sideboard seems
well-equipped to provide for one's refreshment and should that be
found lacking, a braided cord hangs beside one of the bookshelves to
summon a servant to rectify the matter. Display cases of crystal and
glass hold items of curiosity and weapons, art and a lone mirror allow
for perusal of non-reading material. A rack behind the heavy double
doors holds a few weapons and is able to hold a few more and other
than the windows, candles and oil lamps abound to provide light when

Jhavid and Talia are here.

--[ views ]---------------------------------------------------[ Exits: S ]----

Jhavid might have just come from the kitchens, directly to the library of all places. He's carrying a tray laden down with bread, beef, two different kinds of cheese and an assortment of fruit. There's also a bottle of red tucked under one arm. Either he intends to camp out in the library to hide from someone or he plans to be here for a while. Or perhaps he just eats that much. Making his way to a table he carefully lays the tray down while balancing the wine under his arm.

There's a faint humming in a part of the library near where the pirate takes a seat, the kind that says that someone is both there and lost in thought. It's an idle meandering of notes from someone who obviously has some idea what to do with music even when they're not thinking about it at all. Talia finally wanders out of the stacks with a couple of books held neatly in the crook of her arm, attention still fixed as she searches the shelves she's walking slowly past.

Jhavid peers around as he hears the humming, not seeming overly concerned as much as curious. Of course this process doesn't prevent him from piling a rather large sandwich together. It only slows it a little. When Talia finally emerges from the stacks Jhavid shakes his head as if he should have known, but smiles nonetheless. "Evening duchess."

Talia pauses in her searching as she's addressed, turning her attention reluctantly away from the books to see who has greeted her. There's a flicker of disapproval at there being food AND drink in the library, but she doesn't bother actually voicing it. Librarian Disapproval has already been delivered with that one look. "Captain," is greeted in polite enough tones. "I can't say I expected to see you here."

His sandwich finished, Jhavid begins attacking it. Although he retains enough manners to not talk around his food. "Pirates read too" is his reply as he tries to get an upper hand on his hunger. Sensing Talia's displeasure at his small feast in the library, he casts a quick glance towards the liquor cabinet and the service bell.

Which is probably why she didn't actually say anything. Because trying to convince royal's not to eat or drink in here is a lost cause, and acknowledged as so. But that doesn't mean to say they can be left to feel comfortable about it. Talia moves to set her books down and nods. "They do, yes. I even found your Father in here once. That was a surprise." Despite her words there's nothing cool when speaking of Gerard. She might even like the man. "Any topic in particular?"

A shadow passes over Jhavid's face when his father is mentioned, but it's gone quickly. "History, maybe? I've 'eard rumors for a while about a place called the Dreaming City. I was supposedly a place of magic located on an island stronghold, but it 'asn't been seen in ages." Jhavid cuts an orange in quarters with his knife and begins to eat out the meaty bits. "Gotta fight the scurvy" he jokes.

Talia notes the reaction to Gerard's name as she takes a seat, putting plenty of room between evil pirate and his food and her tomes. She settles herself then tugs off the kid gloves she's wearing in order to actually browse the volumes. "I'm sorry, not a subject I've heard of. Are you sure it's in this realm and not within the land of dreams? If so you need to be talking with a dream mage." She's not looking at the orange, lest it spray juice everywhere.

Jhavid nods and is being careful with his food enough not to be dangerous to any volumes. "Aye, I'm fairly certain. Far as I can tell, the inhabitants o' the city were some sort of magi, summoners or something. They 'ad otherworldy servants and loads o' power. So with that kind of ennui they gave themselves over to their own pleasures. Legend says it's called the Dreaming City cos' they concocted potions to heighten their own pleasures, which often produced a dreamlike state. I think this place might be in one o' the Lost Seas of Minos."

"Magi? In Minos?" Now Talia really does sound incredulous, probably because she has some of her family's bias when it comes to that particular shadow from the looks of her. She pauses and then points to a corner of the library. "If it is Minos related it will most likely be over there. Though the filling system in here was atrocious before Vayel came to look after the place. It may be put under magical lands otherwise. Which.." She pauses and looks around. "Could be anywhere."

Jhavid frowns. "Is it really so 'ard to believe? Take a good look at Minos an' tell me magic 'as never had it's place there. 'Ow do ye think the mainland became a place of the dead? That din't happen naturally I'll wager. An' look at Stormcrafting. Minos craftsmen still 'ave the skill to bind storms to rail, cannon, sail and pistol."

"I try not to look hard at Minos if I can help it. You never know what you're going to turn up with the Chantris arms on the side where it shouldn't be." Talia points out evenly. With perhaps a dark look of amusement in her eyes even if it's not evident on her face. "And as you say, it's blighted by undead. Not a place I tend to spend a lot of time if I can help it." She nods her agreement to his last part. "Storms, yes. But storm magic and other magic are different beasts. Not that I use storm cannons on my ship."

Jhavid ahhs as he listens to Talia. "You know, in my likin' of you I'd almost forgotten that Chantris and Minos don't often mix well. But yer right I suppose. Although I'd say that if magic 'as been there, other types might as well. Much of our history is lost on the mainland, which is a place o' death." At the comment about storm cannons on her ship Jhavid grins, "I do."

Talia smiles at that and nods. "I know, Minos envies the Chantris fleet. It can't be helped, I suppose, given it's the best in all shadow." And now she knows she's lighting the fire under any good Minosian. Or indeed a bad one. She nods. "Magic is a fickle beast in my experience, and you can never tell how one kind will interact with another." She chuckles at his declaration. "You're Minosian, I would be surprised were it any other way."

Jhavid waves off the comment about the Chantris fleet. "Quality over quantity. Everyone knows that the best shipcrafters are in Minos, and Minosan sailors regularly brave waters that make Chantris sailors shit their pants." Jhavid is making a show of being nonchalant about the debate, but that fire is lit. "But yer right about magic. I'd sooner trust a good blade in me hand than most magics, but I trust our Stormcrafting. I'm not seeking this place for the magic. I want to be the only other one ta find one of our Lost Seas."

Talia shakes her head even as she leafs through the pages of one of her volumes. "Pure jealousy speaking. Chantris produces the sturdiest, finest ships there are. And all Minos knows it. Which is why they try and make off with our things whenever possible. To try and assuage their envy." She looks up again, that glint still evident in her eyes. The devil, she is there. "Ahh. I've heard tales of such things, but then the chances of me not given my time on the seas are somewhat slim. Good luck."

Jhavid shakes his head again. "We just like yer shinies, not yer pretty ships. And we take them because yer sailors and officers aren't skilled enough to regularly stop us from doin' so. I'll take a free Minosan sailor over any five of Chantris any day of the week, and twice on Sunday." He begins piling together another sandwich. "It's a dumb sailor what doesn't accept a wish for good luck though. I'll thank ye for that."

Talia shakes her head again and smiles at that. "And I will take my men over your bunch of rag tag drunkards any day of the week. They have discipline and skill. Otherwise I would not command the largest trading fleet in all shadow." Point made she looks back down to her books, plucking absently at the corner of the pages causing them to make a soft buzz sound. It's as if she's debating saying something but then opts not to.

Jhavid shakes his head. "Common misconception, what being pirates be undisciplined. They're just as disciplined as any military crew on the whole. Many even moreso seein' as they hold a share in the stake rather than see all their hard work go to fill the pockets of one what doesn't share in their toil or risk. An' if they've a good captain they're even more loyal what seein' as he's invested in their fortune an' not some shifty merchant shipper or pampered noble what they've never even met. Ye've also got the crown backin' ye. That makes for a lot of capital what ye can invest in that aforementioned quantity."

"You think I don't treat my crews fairly?" That does get her goat and visibly so. Talia shakes her head. "Each and every man who wears the Chantris colors is a member of my family. Adopted or not. I have spent most of my youth sailing with those ships. They are as close to me as my own brothers and sisters." And then? There's a laugh. A long, deep and loud one. Something he said about that last part causes unbridled mirth. "The crown's money? Are you serious? Your Father is so in hock to us that his tab is almost as large as his roving eye!"

"Me father's not the crown" Jhavid replies. "An' even if they're leveraged to ye now that still gives ye a measure of status that equates to credibility. But alright then, any man what wears yer colors is part of yer family. So yer officers then? How much of yer profits do ye share? /Every/ man on me ship owns an equal share in our profits. I'm beholden to /all/ their fortunes, down to the last swabbie. An' everyone one of 'em will sail to Chaos and back for me because of it." Jhavid begins munching on the second sandwich. "And ye can bet yer best ship I ain't the only captain in Minos like that."

Talia shakes his head. "Not the crown, no. But he does over see the entire navy. Which is nothing to snort at either." She laughs at that. "My officers?" She shakes her head. "They get decent pay, and regular at that. Your income is never guaranteed, so far as I see it. My men have more than a living wage come hell or high water. And they are amply compensated for stepping onto the more dangerous shipping paths. Their families are looked after too. I make sure of that. To run a well oiled operate the cogs require grease. Chantris is not short on that." There's an amused look. "Can you now? My best ship bombed the hell out of fire giants in Kitezh of late. I doubt you want to go against her. And Captains in Minos appear to lose important pieces of equipment, if all my reports from the docks are correct."

Jhavid snorts. "Have ye seen the Leviathan? She's a heavy frigate, an' fast to boot. She's not yer average pirate vessel. That's why all yer Chantris captains either run like hell or surrender when they see blood red sails and I hoist me colors. Tell me somethin' though, an' be honest. How many shipping contracts 'ave ye gotten simply cos' ye were House Chantris? Chantris doesn't 'ave any competition in Amber, and many of yer captain's 'ave gotten soft because of it. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I think yer sailors an' ships aren't worthy. The ones in Minos are just better is all."

Talia tilts her head at the question and nods. "I've been to the docks, I tend to pay attention to the ships. The Chantaria could happily out do her. But then she's a very special ship." There's a soft laugh at that. "Soft, are we? We don't just get contracts because we are Chantris. We get contracts because we are the best there is. A situation I will not see changed whilst I am in control of the duchy." And her Duke? Apparently not in control. "Minosian sailors have their own strengths, I'm sure. But they're not a patch on my fleet. Which is why they stick to pirating. A crime of opportunity."

Jhavid corrects, "Not all Minosan sailors are pirates, and ye get contracts because ye don't have any competition. As fer not being a patch, as I said ye've got quantity. We've got quality. I seem to recall history saying that Minos ships made it all the way into Amber harbor. The Royal Fleet didn't stop it. Chantris fleet didn't stop it. No one else since 'as even made it as close as Rebma."

Talia nods. "Not all." Just most, her tone says. "And of course we have competition. Much as I would like to claim ownership of the waves I know very much that isn't show. Nor would is show the proper respect to the sea." She shakes her head. "We are never going to agree on the subject, so perhaps we should leave it to lie, hmm?"

Jhavid winks at Talia, "Ye started it love, but I'm willing to let it lie. For now. Shall we go back to ye givin' me the evil eye fer bringin' lunch into the library?" Jhavid finishes off the second sandwich and begins peeling a pair of bananas.

"Started it and ended it," Talia points out reasonably with a soft laugh. "And I will always give you the evil eye for bringing food into the library. Just be glad I'm not giving you lines to write as your punishment, for I can be cruel and unusual about such things."

Jhavid salutes with the bottle of wine before uncorking it. "And I can be extremely defiant, but I like to think that's part o' me charm. I would like to clarify something however. I didn't /lose/ anything. Someone thought it would be a good idea to sneak aboard me vessel while provided a distraction and steal a birthday gift from a family member I actually like. Said distraction is lucky on a number of key points. She's lucky she got the fuck out of the docks quickly. She's lucky I got me item back, an' she's lucky she's under the protection of Flora an' I don't feel like starting a family shit storm as of this moment or I'd 'ave the thief's name."

Talia arches an eyebrow at the wine uncorking. See, there's that look again but she doesn't say a word. They must teach it in Librarian school or something. God knows they have to learn something that isn't dull, surely? And then she looks up again as she listens to what he has to say. "Stolen, you say? How interesting. I'll have to make sure my Captains keep a close eye out for such things. Though I doubt I have much to fear from Florimel. I haven't seen her in an age."

Jhavid nods. "Aye, stolen. An' don't think I haven't gotten the significance of the act either. What they stole was of little value monetarily. It was a sextant that was a birthday gift from Caine many years ago when he and my father first began to teach me the ways o' the sea. It has tremendous sentimental value. Someone wanted my attention. Well, they've got it."

Talia nods. "Assuming that they knew it was of little value. But then I don't know the circumstances surrounding it. Was there nothing else missing apart from that? A sextant is a pretty piece of metal, they may have thought it had value even in just the weight of the metal." She watches him almost absently, eyes still flicking occasionally to the glass of wine.

Jhavid shakes his head. "Doubtful they thought it valuable inherently. It is a well crafted precision instrument, but a sextant is only valuable to a skilled navigator and any of those either have one of similar make or the means to acquire one quite easily. It is.. doubtful they took it thinking to fence it. There were other items in me cabin of greater value." He notices Talia eyeing the wine. "Would ye like a glass?"

Talia nods to this. "It would depend on the nature of the theft, I suppose. If it was one of opportunity then I suspect they would have taken whatever came quickly to hand. But you say there was a distraction?" She smiles and shakes her head at the offer of wine. "Thank you, but I'm fine. And rather spoilt at home given that my Majordomo is a Bayle who provides me with my table wine."

Jhavid shrugs. "Suit yerself. It came from the palace stores and they don't put shite in the wine cellar. And yes, there was a distraction. Flora's granddaughter came aboard me ship. I'm sure the theft was planned with 'er as bein' party to it seein' as it happened during the scant moments she was there an' I was only out o' me cabin for a few breaths."

Talia nods. "I'm sure they don't, no. But I don't tend to drink around books at the best of times. A habit I have fallen into after many beatings from my tutors." She winks, that's a pure jest. There's a pause as she digests this information and nods. "Then no, clearly they intended to take something of value to you and you alone."

Jhavid nods. "Aye, that was my thinking. But I have the item back now, as it were. I'm intended to be forgiving of Syeira's part in the theft as I 'ave it back an' I ended up making some arrangements out of it which were to me own benefit. It should only be a matter o' time now before I know 'ho the theif was either way."

"Back? Well indeed then." Talia comments, looking vaguely surprised at that. There's a soft chuckle at the rest and a nod. "I know Syeira and indeed her Father. She's a minx at the best of times to say the least. As for the rest? It sounds like it worked out well for you in the end then."

"Perhaps" Jhavid muses. "Things in Amber bein' what they are. One ever can tell if someone will keep to an arrangement what they made with ye." Jhavid is relaxing a bit, but doesn't seem intent on getting drunk as that's not what he came up here for. "We'll see, I suppose. So, tell me something. How did ye end up married to a man like Vayel? Ye don't seem the type."

Talia nods to this point. "There are most twists and turns in Amber than there are in a man's gut." Which is odd phrasing from someone like her. She closes her own book and gives up on it for now, "How did I.." There's a look of deep amusement. "And what exactly is the type to marry a man like Vayel?"

Jhavid grins. He might be poking a little with this line of conversation. "Well honestly I didn't think the man ever left the library from what I've 'eard. You two get hitched between the stacks?" He takes a small swig of the wine before continuing. "I mean, look at ye. Ye've got that rough around the edges interior that ye generally do a good job o' hidin'. Sept maybe when I'm around. I'm surprised he wasn't scared of ye."

From the look she gives Jhavid he may have hit on something with his last sentence. Apparently the Duke is scared of the Duchess. Talia shakes her head, washing it away with a smile. "As it happens we wrote our vows in a book rather than saying them, though they were on view for all to read before they were shelved in the library." What else, they are Chantris. "As for leaving the library? He does actually eat and sleep and other human things."

Jhavid grins knowingly at Talia. "Oh really, does he now? I'll take yer word for it I suppose. I still say ye two don't seem like the type who'd be married to each other. Should I just chalk it up to one of them nobility things?"

Talia shakes her head. "It's no secret that out match was a political one rather than one founded on anything else. A matter of open record. We make a good ducal pair. We do not make a good couple. Both he and I are content with that." She smiles. "We have our own strengths and weaknesses. They work well together."

"I see, so you're good at making the decisions and he's good at followin' 'em. I can see what that would work well together" Jhavid jibes. He shakes his head. "Not sure what I could settle down that way though. I suppose if I had me enough other interests than it wouldn't be so bad."

Talia laughs at that and shakes her head. "No, far from it. Vayel is dedicated to the House, to seeing it do well. And I step back and let that happen. For various reasons." She snorts softly at that. "And by interests you mean..?" She knows full well what he means, of course. But it's a fun game to play.

"Men and women both have needs love. We like to pretend otherwise, but all know it's a bluff hand bein' played. Yer not stupid love. Ye know it as well as I do." Jhavid pulls some papers out of mahogany box and shifts them around. "Ye show me a man or woman with no indulgences, and I'll show ye a man or woman who's damn good at foolin' ye."

Talia arches an eyebrow at that and shakes her head. "And if I say I have no indulgences...?" She leaves the question hanging open, looking deeply amused by his words. "Needs vary from person to person. Never be surprised to find someone out there who is completely different from you."

Jhavid chuckles, "Deep down we're all the same love. We've all got the same baser insticts as everyone else. Some of us just are more concerned with keein' 'em under wraps. Sooner or later though everyone finds the circumstances what feeds their baser needs. You really tryin' to say this aint be true?"

Talia nods slowly as she considers. "I am really trying to say that it's not true. In worlds full of infinite variety you don't honestly think there is someone out there who doesn't have such needs? Makes no care for them at all?" She shakes her head. "History would prove otherwise."

Jhavid shakes his head. "They've never just arrived at the appropriate circumstances, 'at's what it is. You put any man, or woman, under the appropriate leverage an' you'll see those baser instincts come to the fore. Every man or woman 'as them either a lustful side or a violent side. Some 'ave both, no matter 'ow well they keeps it locked down. It's still in there, waiting on the right time to pop out and surprise ye."

Talia chuckles and shakes her head. "I suspect we are going to spend a lot of time agreeing to disagree at this rate. Given the way the conversation has gone so far. People will react in certain ways given certain situations, but generally?" She tilts her head. "Most people like to behaved as if they are civilised. Whether they actually are or not."

"Sure they do" Jhavid taunts. "That's why so many of ye highborn women are drawn to pirate man like cats to catnip. It's that bad boy image. They want a taste of what their mothers all warned them against all their lives." He punctuates that statement with a swig of wine from the bottle. "Oh the reverse is true too. Everyone wants what they's ain't supposed to 'ave. It just makes it more appealin' That's that lustful side. And on top of that I've seen some of the most hardened killers do some o' the greatest acts o' kindness."

Talia can't help but look amused at that. "Again, I shall have to take your word for that. I can't say I've ever been drawn to the bad boy image in the slightest. As for my Mother? Somehow she never got around to issuing me warnings, I was more of a Father's girl than anything." She shakes her head again. "I wonder what I'm not supposed to have, because I can't for the life of me work that out. I want what I have. SO where does that leave me in your grand scheme of things?"

Jhavid shrugs, "I probably wouldn't admit it to some pirate I just met two days ago either. But I think ye might be missin' the point a bit. It's not some grand scheme. It's just general human nature. Ye can't tell me it's not in yer nature either. Are ye honestly goin' to sit there an' tell me that no one in yer life /ever/ told ye that ye couldn't do someting and that ye didn't want it twice as bad after being told ye couldn't? That either makes ye not human or a liar."

"Or someone who has always been able to do what she wished." Talia points out dryly with a shake of her head. "That rather depends what you wish to do, doesn't it?" She shrugs and smiles. "Human nature is a complex thing, on that I will agree. It will bring out the most surprising reactions in people at the oddest of times. As I have heard about a dozen sailors have felt in the last few days."

Jhavid shrugs. "Loose tongues will wag, and not always accurately. I've 'eard the rumors as well, and I'll not lift a finger to dissuade them as they help cultivate a reputation for brutality, which is useful in my profession. Captains and sailors what think they 'ave more to lose by fightin' or runnin' are less likely to do so. The matter at the docks though, totally skewed rumors. What really happened is I chased after Syeira in the direction I saw 'er go, but the docks can be an easy place what to lose someone. So I asked the nearest sailor 'ad he seen 'er. He decided it it would be more amusin' to sell wolf tickets an' I wasn't in the mood. So after I broke 'is jaw a bunch of 'is shipmates decided to join in the fun. Bad idea for them."

Talia teases lightly. "Now now, aren't you supposed to be persuading the uptight duchess just on how bad ass you are?" There's a dark little tone of humor in her voice as she says this. "So their own fault? Depends how ship crazy they were, I suppose. I'm well acquainted with the fact that a long voyage can make you take decisions that would otherwise not have occurred."

Jhavid shrugs. "I don't really hold it against his shipmates comin' to his aid. Me and me crew'd 'ave done the same for one of our own. But just because I empathized with their righteousness don't mean I was willin' to take a beatin' for it. They're lucky certain members o' me crew didn't show up. I've got this Cibolan bosun's mate... He'd 'ave probably shot one an' then cut out his tongue, an' then shot his tonuge... maybe eaten it later."

Talia nods in total agreement with that. "A crew is a tight knit unit. Or it should be unless something has gone spectacularly wrong. I can see how that would work both ways." There's an amused look rather than distaste at his words. "I'd advise long, slow cooking for tongue before he tried that. Or he really would have a mouthful on his hands."

Jhavid grins. "Oh he's got the mouth for it alright. He's got these front teeth filed down into points, capped in steel. Plus he's covered in tattoos and ritual body scars. He likes to go over on the first boardin' wave. Most 'ave second thoughts about fightin' when they see 'im comin' across."

"Sounds like quite a character," is the only reply that Talia makes to that. "But then I've never done a boarding action, so I wouldn't claim to know anything of the first sight of it. Though I do know how to respond." She shrugs one shoulder and smiles. "You sound rather fond of your crew."

Jhavid nods in agreement. "There's two kinds of men what I call brothers. Them what was once swimmin' in Gerard's balls and those on board the Leviathan. I'll give ye two guesses which I care for more."
Talia chuckles softly. "Given the fact that the blood variety of those are probably as much strangers to you as they are to Gerard? I would say your crew. I've met a number of your siblings, I can't say any of them have gone over particularly well."

Another shadow falls over Jhavid's face again. "I'm not sure what the hell my father is up to these days. He can't manage his own damn kids and I come to make port after fightin' the Road in Minos for four years to find out he's adoptin' Caine's fuckups."

"You have Daddy issues," Talia points out in a light tone. She shakes her head at the mention of adoption. "I know nothing of.. Ahh, wait. Dirk. Yes, I know Dirk. All too well. I banned him from the House for a while. My sympathies."

Jhavid runs his tongue briefly over his bottom lip before pulling it back in amidst clenched teeth. It's a very different expression from his usual one and he looks down at the wine bottle, seemingly briefly torn between taking a drink and smashing it against the wall. Drinking wins out. "You try growin up with a father who's only around to tell you what kind of a fuckup yer bein in between trips to save the fucking universe. All he ever successfully taught me is that I need to be strong enough to stay the course of doin' what I want, when I want."

Big Daddy Issues, Talia's expression says. Both literally and metaphorically. "Please take that outside if you're going to smash it," is asked in polite tones. Because really? She is going to protect the library, even if that means getting between him, the wine bottle and the precious books. "I am aware that a number of the third generation have such complexities when it comes to their parents. My sympathies."

Jhavid is seething but doesn't seem on the verge of any outbursts. The fact that he's able to control it might be more unsettling than sudden shift itself. He takes another swallow of wine and sets the bottle down on the table. "I'm alright. I'm not prone to taking out my issues on inanimate objects."

"Reminds me to learn to remain very still." Talia comments at this. "Though the chances of me being around you in a rage are hopefully somewhat small. My apologies." She leans back once the bottle is set down, but there's a close eye still being kept on the man and his mood. "This is the point where I should change the subject of conversation. Do you have any preference?"

Jhavid shakes his head a negative. "No, and I'm alright, really." The rage is still there somewhere, underneath the surface, but Jhavid has it completely under control now. "Despite the events of the last couple o' days I'm not generally one to lose me temper. Violence is generally a calculated, necessary thing."

"Much like politics," Talia jokes to Jhavid. "Best wielded as little as possible and only to make a point." She's sat watching the pirate eat and drink. Of course this isn't her library, so he's just getting the odd disapproving look rather than out and out told. But the conversation appears slightly tense, but not on her part.

Syeira skips into the library with a big ole danish in hand, that she likely acquired via her trip to the library through the kitchen. Multi-hued hair bouncing with her skipping the only thing that is devoid of her normal appearance is the colorful rainbow hued scarf that is normally tied about her waist, though it was missing that day on the ship, replaced by a lovely red one with gold shot through it all glittery and such. Library or not she's not the most quiet of people as she closes the door behind her with a loud thunk.

Most of Jhavid's food is gone. There's a bit of cheese, a couple pieces of fruit and a half bottle of red wine remaining. For his part Jhavid doesn't seem the slightest bit affected by drinking half a bottle of wine. He does seem to be a bit tense if that's how it can be described. He seemed about to respond to Talia when he hears the door behind him. Turning in his seat he sees Syeira and grins, "Well, hello there Sye. Fancy meetin' you 'ere." He nods at Talia, "Aye, I agree with that. Ye can spend years cultivatin' a reputation for bein completely ruthless with any ship what resists ya, and sparin' those what don't. The first time ye kill a crew what didn't resist, all that works out the porthole."

Talia also glances up at the new addition and sighs as she spots the bagel. Still, she can't comment now either, given who the person in question is. "Syeira, how are you doing? And indeed your Father. It feels like an age since I've seen him." She chuckles and looks back to Jhavid with a nod. "Everything in measured quantities to get the best effect. Now that really is the way of the world."

Syeira walks over grabbing herself a bottle of wine from the side board an popping open the cork. Danish reacquired she takes another healthy bite skipping toward toward the other two. She manages to chew and swallow her bite before chimming, "Hey Handsome, you done beating up helpless people trying to catch gypsies?" she brightens seeing Talia, "Talia! Its been ages. Oh Pops, still as handsome as ever. I'm trying to cut off his pigtails, think that might make him more marriageable and stuff, ya!" taking a swallow of the wine from the bottle before taking another bite of her danish, just what the girl needs more sugar.

Jhavid sighs and shakes his head before looking at Talia pointedly. "See? Rumors. Always plentiful in Amber, rarely accurate." He looks back to Syeira and motions towards a chair, offering. "I'm afraid the truth of that is not quite as people 'ave been retelling it." He shrugs.

Talia gives some thought to what Syeira says and nods. "Cutting off his pigtails might be a valid tactic, though I suspect you would find yourself grounded for weeks. Or at least an attempt made on that fact. Though given he's now heading the Watch there could even be cells involved." She looks amused and even more so at the talk of rumors. "The Captain was just telling me how things really are."

Syeira giggles, "Oooo! Is he as good at that speach as Papa? Papa is just soooo entertaining with, Now Sye, you really must learn the way things really are" she actually does a good impression of the facial expressions and tone if not pitch of his voice, were it not for the makeup she wears, winking at Jhavid, "Well of course they are exagerated, even a pirate wouldn't be foolish enough to try and catch a gypsy on the docks. Especially looking for Sex." she shrugs, "You go to a brothel for that no need to be beating people up, ya" she perks at Talia's mention of cells, "Well yes he could try but I think I'm so way past grounding age. More than likely it'd be another of his discrea..discrea..oh whatever his favorite word is for not being me,ya!"

"Oh you know exactly what I was looking for" Jhavid teases. "After all, you handed it over to Flora. It's alright though. Things generally equal out one way or another. And I actually did not instigate the violence. Ok maybe I threw the first punch, but only fools taunt an angry man without expecting a violent reaction."

Talia arches an eyebrow as she spectates between what Syeira and Jhavid are saying. Simply being an observer, of course. She had nothing to do with any of this. "Well," is commented as she listens to all of this. "Sounds like quite the escapade."

Syeira flops down in the offered empty chair and then props her feet up on another empty one lounging while she finishes off her danish, wiping her fingers off on her pants and taking a sip of wine to wash it all down, "Someone heard you were looking for it, and me." she shrugs, "So I gave it to Flora, figured she'd know what to do with it." she nods to Talia, "He has a very pretty boat. So I went to see it. Then he started beating people up looking for Sex." she turns to Jhavid, "There is a brothel not far from your ship, ya. Just need to wonder down the way and get you some. Help deal with all those anger issues and junk."

Jhavid nods at Syeira. "Right, of course. That must have been it." He looks back to Talia, "Oh you 'ave no idea. I've had quite the day due to this little episode." He looks back to Syeira, "Flora and I had a very long talk surrounding this incident. I wouldn't say as I'm completely satisfied on it, but... it'll keep for now. I wouldn't advise a repeat performance, savvy? Aside from that I actually like you. I'd rather be friends than not."

Talia is looking very prim, proper and keeping her mouth shut when the talk turns to brothels. For she is a lady and does not hear such things. Mmhmm. "A pretty boat, you say? Maybe I shall have to go and have a look when I'm next in the Lower City." She arches an eyebrow at Jhavid at his complaint of not being fully satisfied but thankfully doesn't resume the topic that she is not mentioning. Though the look on her face might hint at it.

Syeira glances over toward Jhavid, "What aren't you satisfied about? I mean I can pay for a decent girl from the brothel, help you deal with all that obvious pent up frustration." she pauses, "So I can't come look at the pretty boat and make some drawings." she shrugs, "Your loss, I'm not half bad of an artist." she looks toward Talia and nods, "Its a pretty boat. Men are a little fresh, but some are certainly easy on the eyes, ya. Watch out though, you should make an appointment first or they call you a well dressed whore and rumor has it the captain passes women around the crew."

"Ship, love" Jhavid corrects. "It's a ship. Boats are small. My vessel is large, and fierce, and huge-ish." He thumbs in Talia's direction. "Unless you ask her. She's already claimed what she thinks it's second-rate."

"I think he has size issues," Talia comments to Syeira after listening to all of this and shattering the innocent image that she didn't work at all hard to maintain. "And it is, compared to my flag ship. I don't even need to see it to know that. Besides, I've heard reports." She tilts her head at Syeira. "Well if they try that with me then they have another thing coming. But then the chances of me setting foot on board are somewhat slim."

Syeira giggles, "Boat" she corrects before looking toward Talia, "Well he says he wants to be friends, maybe I can help him with his size perception." she giggles, "Little wonder he needs to look for a brothel. That's why he has 'size' issues, ya" taking another swallow from the bottle.

Jhavid shakes his head, "Lots of sailors will mistake a pretty woman showin' skin down at the docks for a whore. That's no mark against me crew." His eyes narrow at Talia's remarks about his ship. "Have ye now? And what 'ave ye heard exactly? Are ye goin' to start this line of conversation again? Because ye might be instillin' a need in me go out and make some demonstrations of the Leviathan's abilities. Yer flagship might be able to take her... /IF/ you can catch her. In the meantime I can scuttle any ten other Chantris vessels before that happens, and ye know it."

Talia shakes her head to Jhavid, really not going there at the moment. "If you wish to take that action, so be it." And then she leaves well alone, settling back neatly in her chair, hands in her lap. Looking all prim and proper too.

Syeira is anything but prim and proper in the way she drapes in her chair enjoying her wine, "See and here I was all on my best behavior and stuff." she winks at Talia, "Seems I won't be getting a better view of the pretty boat either." she shrugs, "He seems to think I shouldn't do that again, ya. All I wanted was a view from the riggins."

"Oh so now I'm the bad guy am I?" Jhavid retorts to Talia. "That's the second time ye've run down the Leviathan during this conversation. And if ye knew half as much about sailing as ye claim to then ye know there's only one place a conversation like that goes. The only man what gets away with talking bad about his vessel is it's captain. Ye know this to be true." He looks back to Sye, "No, what ye wanted to do was provide a distraction so yer accomplice could sneak aboard and steal from me. The princess Flora has bargained with me to forget your part in this, which I am more than willing to do. However, that does not include me playing the fool, savvy? Don't sit there and insult me intelligence on the matter. As far as ye being welcome there, simply ask to come aboard. That ship is our home, savvy?"

Talia points out lightly as she points at Jhavid. "Pirate. Dread Captain Flay." There's a wink and a nod at his point. "Fair enough. I will say no more on the subject of your ship in comparison to mind. I will go so far as to say I will even come down and view it without your invite. So there. It is no longer a topic of conversation." She arches an eyebrow as she listens to the rest of the talk, staying well out of the matter.

Syeira raises a brow giggling, "Really now? A captain so fine as yourself falling for such? That would mean that I turned your head" she shrugs, "We all know that didn't happen." slipping the art bag from around her shoulder and pulling it open she drops a sketch pad down on the table opening it up. There one easily finds a few sketches with vagued details of the Leviathan, the details vague given the small amount she was actually able to see, "Now, if someone was casing the joint, and took advantage of me going for a closer look of the pretty boat, that's not my fault and until you can produce someone sayin that I was in league with them, or that I had some sort of opportunity myself you can't be slanderin my name, ya?"

Jhavid's fist comes down on the thick heavy wooden tray with an audible cracking sound. The wooden tray was at least three inches thick, but now has a very visible split down the center. Miraculously the small amount of food left on it does not go flying onto any books or papers. "Enough! I know ye were party to the theft. Within scant hours I received a summons to the palace and Princess Flora was in possession of the item. There was barely time enough for one to go to the palace and her send the summons to me. Ye had to have been given the item straight away. Now I will not be played the fool. Ye have yer free pass on it. If ye wish my good will I suggest ye not press the matter as ye are, savvy?"

Talia doesn't even flinch as the fist comes down, nor does she pay heed to it all save to check on her own two books that sit closed in front of her. She keeps her gaze lowered as she listens, well aware that this is none of her business.

Syeira raises a brow at the fist slam, least she resists the urge to giggle. Taking a swallow of her wine before responding, "I'm not pressing any issue. I am merely pointing out, there is no evidence. I never touched your anything. You will find no evidence of me going in or out of the palace. I was never left alone on your ship, and unless there was some magical birdie, with the amount of men you had on deck during my visit which tripled in the time I was there, I would have to be utterly amazing to be able to in a blink of an eye slip out of view, grab anything, an then back into your eye sight. So instead of yelling at me or breaking plates, maybe you migh want to figure out how it was done, so that if there is a next attempt at your ship, they don't take anything, ya?" she shrugs, "Given that it was given back to you, they may not want to put it back in my hands again so quickly, savvy?"

Jhavid slowly gets up from his chair and places both hands on the table, leaning over towards Syeira. Definitely on the boundaries of her personal space, he speaks through clenched teeth. "As I said, I had a long talk with Flora yesterday afternoon. What do you think she told me, hmm?" He pauses for a moment to let her ponder the rhetorical question, his voice to a shout when he answers. "She told me you were party to the theft!" There's another pause as Jhavid visibly composes himself. "Now as has been stated, you provided the distraction while someone else took it. That still means you had a hand in it. As I also said, you are forgiven /on that part of it./ Now, stealing from me is one thing. Insulting me is another. Telling a bald-faced lie directly to me, when I have already expressed to you that I know the truth and have forgiven it, is insulting." He snatches the bottle of wine, leaving the now broken tray, and heads towards the door. "If you have something to say, make it quick lass. Otherwise inform Flora that the price of my cooperation just increased, thanks to you."

Talia still remains silent, though there's no doubt that calculations are going on in that blonde head of hers. But still she holds her peace, even as Jhavid gets up from the table and leans forward. Not a movement. Not a flinch. She did say she was going to work on staying very still. And silent she remains.

Syeira doesn't flinch even as her personal space is invaded, "I do not know what Flora told you. I haven't spoken with her since I gave her the package. I do not deny that someone may have used me as a distraction. As for lies, I held it by the handkerchief because it looked important and precious and I didn't want to do any damage to it on you." she shrugs, "I was trying to be respectful of something that was important to you and I know jack shit about boats or ships or otherwise. I also didn't lie about there being evidence of me going in or out of the palace, because there is none. I don't know how it was acquired, I didn't see anything or know how it was done. So unless it was in your pocket, I've got zero skills in acquiring it. Not that I wasn't trying, had any of your men been gentlemanly enough to catch me instead of grabbing me I'm not above acquiring from the pockets. Ask, I'll be happy to tell truth. Further, if I didn't think you had a sense of humor I wouldn't have been teasing you, ya." she rolls her eyes, "Touchy touchy temper, ya."

Jhavid stops at the door. "You know who took it, because they brought it to you directly. There was some manner of plan between the two of you. Flora has admitted as much. You are guarding your accomplice. Nothing else you are arguing matters. No one is accusing you of anything other than being party to the theft by being a distraction. Your persistent denials otherwise are not teasing. They are insulting. Now, this is your /last/ chance to stop pretending otherwise."

Talia glances up to the table as the 'debate' continues and surveys the contents of the table. Food, no books. Nothing for her to concern herself about then. She leans forward and snags one of her own volumes, pulling it closer to her and opening it on the table in front of her. All the better to not snoop their conversation.

Syeira smirks, "I never said I didn't know who brought it to me. I've a lot of friends on the docks." she shrugs, "You take offense too easily. Tell you what. I'll be happy to talk to Flora and find out exactly where all this confusion occured at. See if we can straighten this out, ya?" she moves to get up from her seat taking the bottle with her, "As to insulting you, wasn't my intent. So if you took any, I appologize. I will be more than happy to not tease or joke with you in the future." she offers a courtly bow, no no curtsey from this girl before straightening back up, "Please do enjoy your day, M'lord. Or perhaps cousin I suspect." moving to slip past him to leave.

Jhavid smiles at Syeira. "The price just went up love. Tell your gran. Also might want to learn the difference between teasing and playing someone the fool. Not everyone responds to gypsy cons as if they were teasing, savvy?" And with that he pushes the door open and walks out.

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