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amethyst_rta in roadtoamber

Kitezh Shadow Path - Bubbles and Bug Spray

The team faces a challenge upon arrival, and it seems that the first node of the new Shadow Path is created.

Starring: Wulf, Sol, Ithunn, Gerard, Amethyst

Continued from the previous post.

Amy's tentacle - or at least the one she's struggling with, along with Ithunn - slithers and scrabbles as it slowly gives up the deck and slides back into the water. That done, Amy pauses to look around. "Ithunn, can you help Sol?" she asks. And that asked, she heads for Ruby to see if she can help her cousin. "I think it's dead, Ruby," she says, though she reaches to try to pull Ruby out from her spot partly caught by the tentacle. Which is slowly stopping its attack as the loose energy that was still giving it oompht fades out. The sharks in the water have caught wind of the tentacles, and they are now starting to tear into them. One of them slams into the boat - hard enough that the boat shudders.
Sol pushes off from the rail and wipes her mouth looking abashed though she doesn't dwell on how unvvalkyrie-like her sudden bout of humanity was, she moves to grab the nearest of the writhing n tenticals with hooks made of her shadow and grunts softly as her tiny frame tries to coax it OFF the deck.
Wulf's arms fall to his sides and the man would stagger, saving that he's iced his feet to the wood of the prow. Heaving breaths, he doubles over, a sweat upon his brow which is unusual for the frost giant, but then... that took a LOT of effort to achieve. Remaining slumped double with his weight upon his elbows but a few moments to regain his focus, he doggedly places both large hands to the prow-rail and peers back to the twitch and heave of tentacles and the sight that greets them /behind/. It's a sobering sight, seeing where you've just -come- from... and the lurch of the ship with the strike of the shark has him losing the cementing of one boot, grunting as he regains balance. "Can help shore ship a little... get it into shallows?" he pants, toward Amy and the others. "But will not last. Buys only time." How large ARE those sharks! Jeepers!
Ithunn kicks pieces of hacked tentacles off the deck, then runs over to help hack at the tentacles by Sol. She grimaces as she stares at the latest development: "Sharks. A wind," she then mutters--"we need a wind to blow usinto the shore...or I suppose Amy to shift shadow to do it. I cannot help.
Sol grunts, "Help with the tenticles! Perhaps the sharks will loose interest if they have more tempting food." she grunts and continues to work with ther tenticle, "I can help with wind, maybe."
Amy helps Ruby to get that one tentacle off the ship, and then she turns to look at Wulf. "We do need a bit shallower water, yes," she agrees. "I'm sure they'll like the tentacles; do you think that might be enough, if we ge these icky things off?" Unintentionally she mimics Sol's words, and then flashes a grin at the Valkyrie. "We'll also need to check the hole in the ship and see how bad it is. I am sure I heard that we're taking on water."
Wulf uncements his feet with a stagger, nodding to Sol and to Amy. He assists with the haul-off of one tentacle. "Wind I cannot do," is said, before he folds himself down to a more human, but still large size, to duck beneath the decks with a "...the leak, he can." It's about to get very cold down in the hold. Ice will not last though, but it hopefully will last long enough?
The tentacles slowly get hacked off -messy, ugly, stinky maybe, but not too difficult. Meanwhile, the sharks continue to circle. A few peel off to mangle tentacles, but the majority are waiting for the ship to sink.
Sol gasps, "I can do the wind if you can help with the ship not taking water...Or..." She muses. "IF you cannot. maybe you can make the ship boyant. Need not be water night, need to displace water so it floats-like ice shelf." She rubs her hands and looks to Amy to see when the Queen decides the wind is neccessary.
"I _should_ be able to do something...anything..." Ithunn says, looking to the sky as if seeking the now-gone gods. "Winds to carry us in...."
Oh yes, it just got a lot colder down below. It's possible that some of the crew even evacuate the hold, for the purpose of shivering their way into warmer air. Surely it's better above decks? The ship though, creaks and moans, then begins to list remarkably to one side, as the ice becomes considerably more bouyant in the water than strict wood is. Deck tilt anyone? Everything does appear to be a wee bit more slanty.

Ruby is out cold, fear or tentacle temporarily doing her in. She gets tied to the deck so she doesn't end up overboard, and Amy looks to Sol. "Now," she says, with a nod. "Give us a breeze to the sails to bring us closer to shore, please." The boat lists and Amy takes a few dance steps as she wasn't expecting that. But she manages to catch hold of the railing, spinning about to look at the boat from an odd angle. Tilted. "Whoa!"

Something IS coming in response to the call of Ithunn (the goddess). The air hums with it, faintly quivers, even...and then falling through the air are bubbles. Tiny bubbles. Of soap. Pop. Pop. Pop. Ithunn makes a sour face as she tastes a soap bubble that has popped on her lips. There's something else coming, too, larger and clunky and...a metal scooter comes screeching toward the deck. "Watch out!!!" Ithunn yells, ducking. Hell, who knows--maybe the bubbles will buoy the ship to safety. If not, at least the deck will be clean.

Sol exhales and focuses, she braces her feet and pushes her hands, pumping them open palmed like tiny, slow motion pistons creating visable distortions in the air buffeting at the sails, aiming for the largest within easy reach and trying to work her timing so between her two hands there's a constant push of air against canvas.

It's icy cold in the hold. So much so that curls of steam start to show up the ladder to the deck, as the ice starts to melt when it hits warmer air. The bubbles with soap, soapy soap surround the ship, but they aren't enough to make it more bouyant. But they do start to conglomerate, turning into slightly bigger bubbles. And then bigger bubbles still. Some of them come up from the hold, crinkling as they hit the deck and shatter having been iced entirely.
The winds that Sol creates cause a visible disturbance, but manage to fill one of the sails so that the ship begins to inch forward again. It's a lumbering awkward motion, but it is motion. And the bubbles follow the ship, some of them now as big as palms, some of them getting to be as big as heads, even a giant Wulf's.
Amy stands on the deck, watching those bubbles with a smile twitching on her face. "They're growing," she mutters, overstating the obvious. As for the scooter, she just stares at it for a moment. "Maybe that'll be handy once we get to land?"
The listing of the ship slowly does appear to be being corrected, with much kitezhka swearing from the hold. Accidental ballast creation does require compensating for. To those with the tongue of Kites, there's definitely an edge of "Where did all the bubbles come from?" in exclamatory tones.
Sol gasps a bit breathlessly, the manipulating air obviously not as easy as she makes it look, "Not me!"
Ithunn stares in astonishment at the bubbles. "That's uh...not exactly what I was hoping for," she frowns. "But yes, they are growing...not with my help. But maybe the sharks will choke on them?" She stares at the scooter a moment. "Could help..?" she says, doubtful.
Amy chuckles and calls, "I think that was Thane Ithunn, Wulf!" Seems everyone speaks Kitezhka nowadays. Well, at least in this area. She moves to watch the shore, and says, "Ease up, if you can, Sol? We're nearly there. Too much and we'll be grounded." A very real danger as the ship continues to move towards the beach.
Meanwhile the bubbles continue to float about, moving faster thanks to the air currents and eddies. And merging to form bigger and bigger bubbles, until there's only seven or eight of them, huge enough to fit a horse. One of them bobs just above the water, and a shark jumps improbably in an attempt to eat it. Instead, the shark ends up inside the bubble, which then floats up. Somehow.
"Oh," Wulf's monosyllables come too the rescue again. Silence follows, filled with awkward bigness on the part of the currently out-of-sight jotun. At least the deck is now even keeled again! For now.

Sol blink-blink-blinks and says something in a particularly ancient dialect of Kite-hard to be sure but it sounds like it referenced a wolf's dingleberries? The look on Sol's expression suggests it might have even been a startled obscenity but she redirects her focus and keeps one and two'ing her fists back and forth the manipulate the air noisily.
"Shark traps, apparently," Ithunn says, pointing out the huge bubble with a shark in it. "Think there's enough of them to hold the sharks...or uh..should I try calling more?" She turns, peering at Sol with a puzzled look on her face, but lets it go instead of commenting.
Amy blinks, staring at Ithunn, and then does an attempt at counting the sharks. which doesn't work very well. "I don't know," is her frustrated answer. "I am tempted to fly." Growll.. can you almost hear the dragon itching to hit the air?
The rest of the bubbles are sort of bouncing atop the water, but not entirely helpful there, as the sharks are under the water.
Large silence below decks. Then, a rather hesitant. "Are we there yet?" NO Wulf, we are not there yet! And if you go saying that again, we'll just turn this boat around RIGHT now and head home! Not.
Below decks, the ice is pretty solid. But Wulf can see a shark trying to nose that hole. Because it maybe got stuck to the ice on the other side? And is starting the ship to listing again.
Sol looks to Amethyst and wonders, "What do you need, My Queen?" she flsuhed, and breathless, but still trying to fill the sails.
"Would the bubbles even out the ship?" Ithunn suggests. "Or we could, you know, row to shore."
Amy looks to Sol. "Got any suggestions?" she asks.
Sol looks to Amethyst, "Have Wulf freeze the bubbles? IT is mostly water, it will freeze solid." how she knows this is anyone's guess.
Wulf has the ballast mostly under control, but there is a shark on the other side stuck to the ice struggling and starting to tip the ship somewhat. There are 7 giant bubbles floating in the air around the ship. There is one bubble rising up with a shark inside. The boat is heading too quickly towards shore, in danger of completely grounding. There are an unknown number of sharks in the water, still occasionally hitting the ship.
Oh yes. And there is a scooter on the deck.
Sol stops the wind blowing at the sails and pushes the shark in the bubble AWAY from the ship with a gentle bubble, "How is it no one aboard has spears?" she laments, looking fatigued.
... "I can have a spear if you have need of me having one..." comes from below, Wulf's face peering up through the hatch, in amidst the mist of cold air hitting warm. "What need have you in mind?"
"Spears would be helpful," Ithunn says. "Or harpoons--harpoon a few of those bubbles and then we blow wind on them so that they tow us into the shore. That is, if Sol still has breath left in her."
Amy is watching the shore approach at a slowing speed now that Sol has finally eased up. She nods in approval, and turns to regard the others. "I think Sol is exhausted," she murmurs. "I'm sure that Uncle Gerard's sailors have spears, and could be asked to use them, if we had a reason to. I'm not sure popping the bubbles would quite work the way we want, but if you want, we can try it?"
"Oops..no, that won't work. I was thinking we could use the bubbles to tow us in, but of course, they'll just pop," Ithunn says.
Sol sighs and looks irritated, climbing up on the railing, "These sharks are vexing me, No spears I will find another way."
Wulf peers about down below. "Right... uh," he peers at the sailors still belowdeck, looking weary. "Wulf has frozen things. Will take time to melt. ... Get... things ready to repair." He waves a hand helpfully, indicating shipwrighting kind of stuff, then makes his way above deck again and over to the side where sharknose was -- he holds his arm up high, swelling up to his more familiar height these days and casts his arm down at where he knows it to be, hard and fast. A javelin of ice materializes in his grip on the downswing, shooting into the water and hopefully into sharkflesh, sudden an /brutal/.
Amy frowns a bit, looking at Ithunn. "Well, the shark somehow got in there, but I don't know how," she admits.
Wulf's spear jab down at the shark shocks the creature loose, rocking the entire ship in the process. The shark sinks down from the pressure and then pops up into the air, finding a bubble in its way, and somehow again ending up inside the bubble which promptly starts to rise.
Sol leaps intothe air apparently intent to dive into the water WITH the sharks but she was so intent on the target she doesn't notice one of the bubbles has wafted down between the water and her. Well. There's almost no way this can go anything but messy.
Wulf squints at Ithunn's order, but nods, looking to the bubbles still remaining as he seeks a rope. There'll be the creation of another spear, but then? Well, then Sol's doing as she does and he yelps, hurrying forward to the edge she dived from, perhaps to prepare the rope for other purpose!
Ithunn rushes to the side, right behind Wulf. "Sol!! Are you all right?"
"Sol!" Amy exclaims, as she watches the Valkyrie get impatient and go to dive in. "Wait - "
The ship steadies, with the shark that was weighing it down now gone, so that it's now evenly ballasted, due to Wulf's freezing good work. That's one issue dealt with. The sailors come up, from below, at least a couple, with spears, and they start trying to keep the sharks away from the ship, a little slow, but doing their bit to help.
Sol's swandive towards the water, so graceful, so elegant! Only there's that bubble in the way! And as she hits the top of it, the bubble doesn't burst. Instead, she slides right inside! Just like the sharks were doing, and she starts to rise up into the air. Also like the sharks. She can breathe no problem, something the sharks may not be able to do, but it smells very soapy.
Wulf stares up at the bubble of Sol with a slow, boggled blink. Then he peers down at the deck and the soapy suds that remain there. Quickly, he skids with rope in hand, to the most soapy, sudsy pile and soaks the hemp in the mixture, until it's slick and soapy also then forms a lassoo of it, tying the slipknot and peering at the slowly rising Valkyrie in her bubble. "Sol! Catch!" he calls, aiming the end of the rope and its hoop, toward her as best he can manage! -- the only way you can not pierce soap bubbles with a finger, or anything, is if it's soapy itself. Hopefully, the magical soap bubble will recognize soap on a rope and not go pop!
Sol sneeze and looks curious more than afriad. She yelps as soap on a rope is flung at her and lifts her hands to catch though she seems more alarmed about incoming soap on a rope than being in a bubble. And promptly resumes sneezing again.
"HOw is she going to get out of there?" Ithunn asks, then nods as Wulf throws a soapy rope. "Pick it up, Sol!! You'll float away!"
Amy doesn't hesitate. There's a flash of warmth and then there is a purple dragon. Whoosh. She takes to the air, wings sending air whooshing and skittering the remaining giant bubbles a bit further from the ship in the process. A shark leaps as Amy clears the railing of the ship but it finds dragonscales are not so tasty as it might have thought, and does not get a chunk out of her. As it falls, it hits a bubble and is glommed up into it, the bubble starting to climb. Amy makes it into the sky in one piece.
There's the throw and the soapy rope works, penetrating into the bubble so Sol can catch it.
Sol catches the soap on the rope and frowns, "I don't understand these bubbles." her voice muffled by the bubble.
Sol's bubble continues up, and it tries to keep going up, even when it reaches the end of it's rope for some reason.
Wulf calls up as Amy rises. "Sol! Blow your winds within the bubble! Take yourself toward the shore! Wulf has a hold of the rope!" And is about to tie it to the mast, if he can. Or be carried off by it! This might be interesting.
"What is Amy doing?" Ithunn calls, turning her attention to the dragon. "She can blow the bubble to the shore? or for that matter, the ship...though won't it set it all on fire?"
Sol blinks and looks to Wulf, "The shore?" She looks to Amy, "My Queen? What are you doing?!" Anxious as her pregnant queen goes off to who knows what. she complies with Wulf's guidance-or tries to anyway
Amy's just circling up there. So she can help out, if needed.
"There!" Ithunn yells, pointing to the sky in the north, over the land. "It's...dark and coming this way!! Amy!! Amy!" she calls to the dragon. "More..bubbles?"
In the distance, over the land, a dark cloud, but there are flashes of light, of bubbles that have things trapped in them. It's rather like a dennis the menace cloud, as over the land comes a mass of - something, that the bubbles are floating around. It has arms. It has legs. at least 4 of each. It's not a spider, exactly, but it is vaguely insectoid. And it's chittering loudly as it comes straight towards the ship.
The ship is anchored, in as shallow water as it can get. There are sharks out there, but they're mostly distracted by the tentacles from the squidapus. There are 2 sharks floating up in giant bubbles, a Sol in a giant bubble attached to a rope, held by Wulf on the deck of the ship. The ship's crew is busy working to fix the hole that the gnashing rock teeth managed to put in it, which is currently iced over, holding the ship safe for the moment. There are now 5 empty bubbles big enough to hold the sharks floating about the ship. And on land, there's an insectoid something with a pigpen cloud of giant bubbles headed this way, caught by Ithunn's quick senses. Oh, and there's a purple dragon circling in the air.
Wulf holds on tight to the rope. What might come here, who knows, but that thing on the shore isn't looking like it's friendly at all! "By the brass bristles of the great golden boar, what is /that/?" He exclaims, bracing to the tortion of the bubble, should it occur. If he starts sliding along the deck, he might have to rethink this. "Why are not killing the sharks? Why are not rowing to the shore? Why are not unleashing wrath of the gods upon... things!" Oh, wait, we know the answer to all of that, right? "This is not making sense!"
"IT's bubbles...more bubles but a giant bug. Bows--do we have bows?" Ithunn says. "Or something. Row to the shore, dammit!!"
Sol gasps and calls to Wulf, "Let go as soon as we get over land! it is not safe for you!" She looks at Amy, "My Queen, what is THAT?!" she points to the thing approaching as she tries to manuver the bubble over land using gentle blasts of air, "Drop as soon as the beach is beneath you!"
Gerard comes up from below deck, supervising the hasty repair work. His trousers and boots are wet from water that surely slipped inside, never a good sign on a boat when a sailor's boots slosh. That is usually the coming of doom for any who know the sea well. Still, he seems remarkably calm despite it as he tosses his hat to the deck. "Well, that's a rather large fellow."
The Prince of Storm thumbs at his mustache as he asorbs all the information. "Back and fill, lads. We got no win' an' barely enough water but the tides still with us. Please avoid smashing our arses to the cliff wall, would ye? As lon' as that bug is alive we can't set rowboats down. Our fat bottomed girl 'ere is too heavy of arse to get any closer."
He takes a harpoon set near starboard, waving for more rope to be brought. More? Yes, much more.
"Ah, how many ladies here are not family?" Count, counting... "Hah, enough." He lifts the spear up, holding it like a pro over his shoulder and elbow tucked close. One last breath and then he's running forward to toss it at the creature.
Wulf complies with Sol's request, when she's close enough. "Let go of the rope! It will slide free..." he calls out to the valkyrie, making to haul the rope back so as not to lose it, hand over hand once she is where she wishes to be and not blowing off all cock-eyed. There's much grunting and the frost giant is -still- sweating, though Gerard to the rescue!
Sol hesitates then calls, "Hold on! I may need help protecting the Queen!" Her tone apologetic as she holds onto the rope and drags Wulf with her into the gaping maw of doom.
Sol's bubble is headed towards the giant bugthing, but if Wulf is holding against it moving, it's not really moving fast or hard. At least not yet.
"Don't let her get caught up by the giant bug!" Ithunn calls not very helpfully to Wulf.
Amy is circling, though she bugles as she spies the bug thing too, thanks to Ithunn's warning. "I have no idea what it is, Sol," is her answer to that question. She actually circles closer to land to see what is going on. As she does, a small bubble gets too close, and she tail swipes it, the razor sharp edge of her tail popping the bubble. It's a louder than it should be sound. But- they can be popped.
Gerard's arm remains true. Ladies we're watching that, right? The harpoon thunks into the carapace of the squidlike bug, just barely avoiding an impact with a bubble that might have turned the point of the spear; for all the prince's bravado he looks vaguely surprised it hit. The long coils of rope still with him are wound around his arm as he plants a boot into the ship's railing.

With that, he's up and over, and swinging across the water. Amy showed that whatever magic summons strange bubbles is not impervious to brute force.
Ask Quina about this sometimes. Gerard's really good at that at the very least.
The Prince is an impressive man but at sea? There's maybe one or two who are his equal, for the winds and waves have always favored him. He smashes into the bubble that Sol is encapsulated in, then through it, one arm about her waist as they continue toward the bug. "Hello, little one."
Sol yelps as Gerard Joins her and looks down at Wulf to make sure he's settled. She smiles, "Hello, old friend. This is not a circumstance I could have imagined in a thousand years-these don't happen often."" She frowns and looks anxious, "I fear that damned thing means to harm my queen." she fretts as she tries to stand.
Wulf stares. Stares hard. Very. Very. Very. hard. This is all very exciting, isn't it? Ithunn's hollar, unhelpful though it is, the bubblepop with a bang and all manner of other things besides have him getting that transfixed look. The ROpe? The rope simply is tied off to the main mast, now that Sol is more or less over land. If she lets it go, she'll drift, no doubt about that. The cogs are whirring as the mightiest of men lets loose that harpoon, goes all action hero and catches a Sol on account of general Awesomesauce... and the giant gets the kookiest look on his face which may well be fanboydom happening, then begins to chant and move his hands, stirring the air far and away, in a sworl and swish of coloured ice. All of it is generally .... within the bubbles. Someone got a madcap idea, he did. Magic bubbles that can go bang. His chanting in kitezhka has a measure of the futhark to its intonations, suggesting invocation of Isa, Thurizaz, Pertho and Nauthiz -- ice, power, plenty and need...
The bugthing wasn't really aware of folks until that spear smashed into its carapace. Now it's heading with more determination towards the boat. Well, if it can swim. There seem to be more and more bubbles, though some of them pop, with loud popping sounds, dropping whatever was in them. A shark corpse lands atop a large butterfly thing, squishing it with a sickening thud. The bug things chitters grow louder, so that it's like a constant chittering hum, rather like a hive. Only it's one critter and its bubbles. And it's still incoming.
"There are - all kinds of things in those bubbles!" Amy calls out. "I think some of them are still alive!"
Many of them are dazzled at least. Gerard sets Sol down upon the beach as the giant abomination starts to scuttle toward them, as he reaches for the hammer strapped to his back. He gives a long, breathy exhale as he considers what needs to be done to bring this beast down. Thank goodness that he has made many of his legends in slaying giants.
Sol looks to Wulf at his chanting, meanwhile she eases him down before Gerard sees Sol and himself to the beach. She moves to stand beside Wulf, protectively posed but letting Gerard and Wulf make their preparations.
Wulf exhales. There was a bit of a moment of swinging down to the beach, where he was chanting and handing-over-handing from the impalement rope o'dewm that Gerard threw into the chitin of the great bug but now? He glances sidelong to the mighty prince, nods at him and should possibly be quite happy in /not/ knowing that many Gerard legends involve slaying of giants. That could get very odd, very quickly. Rather, once several more bubbles have been filled with the coloured snow and ice and the aforementioned is also swirling and falling, he takes the labrys from his back and blows soft across the blades, covering it in a sheen of ice that sparkles deadly. "Today. Today is a /good/ day to die." He yells this to the cliffs and the oncoming storm of bubbles, beasts and bugs.
The bugthing is dripping a black ichor from where the spear has impaled it. But the ichor when it hits the sand bubbles softly and then small bubbles rise up into the sky around it. It continues forward, now snapping it's pincers in Gerard's general direction.
"Said like a man without a woman," Gerard says with a smirk as he hefts his maul to his shoulder. "I'd prefer not to die in general, truth be told but if we must at least let us do so with dignity. Swallowed whole rather than just half." He steps forward just as the monster snaps it's pincers in his direction with a loud roar that would rival any Kitezh berserker as the hammer comes about with all his might behind it!
Amy isn't going to sit back and do nothing, nope. She totally has every intention of getting in there, and making blood fly. So, she snaps her wings and gets some airspeed up, before she starts an airstrike. She's not aiming at the bug, nope. She's aiming at the bubbles overhead, using claws and tail to smash them and drop whatever is in them on the bug thing. It works too, mostly, except there are too many bubbles, and Amy's scales start to get all soapy. And then there's that one bubble that has a slug of some sort inside. When it pops, the slug slides down, squelches onto Amy's back and slides down, bringing a roaring bugle of pain from the dragon who then goes off wobbly and sizzling to crash on the beach, and into the very shallow water with a thudsplash.
Sol smiles broadly to Wulf with A BROAD, proud smile. She calls back to Gerard, "Spoken like a KITE!" she chirps She makes two staffs of flame and begins to whirl them about her, no clear plan yet but ready to follow the wall of muscle that is Gerard and Wulf. That is until Amy goes down. There's a cry of alarm and she lets the flame fizzle and sprints towards Amy, "my queen!"
What's that? Gerard's out-bellowing a Bear-sark is he?? Can't have that now, can we! There's not a word to be had though, but for a bellow of powerful lungs as the kite-blood in Wulf does what kite-blood does very well, particularly at the sight of the Queen of new Kitezh going down in a roaring sizzling slugfest. Sometimes, shadows can be /far/ too literal for thier own good. He goes in hard, very hard and brutally. There's a technique to that after all and in this case, it involves a running leap and an overhead crack-down of the labrys in his hand, double-handed, ferocious and toe-to-toe as strong as the Blood of Oberon! But not as mighty as Gerard. Just sayin'. The axe though, is aiming to be entirely lodged in the carapace of that bug, right alongside the storm-prince's hammer.
The bugthing gets hit by Wulf's axe, and also some odd things dropping from the bubbles above. Its chittering stops, and then starts again as it continues, getting near enough that its menacing pincers are now a real danger. Those two cracks in its shell are a great start, but it doesn't appear to be ready to give in, not yet anyway.
Amy quivers where she is, but doesn't move for a few moments. And then she turns to put her back to the waves, letting the water wash off the sizzling slug goop that got left on her, cooling it off somewhat. There's a twist and a dragon on all fours, muzzle shaking with some confusion. Then a loud and frustrated ROAR.
Just as the bugthing lurches to retaliate the blow from Wulf, Gerard strikes with his maul. Incredible force is put behind the blow, both blunt force trauma that hopefully can smash through the armor with axe or hammer. Being less mighty than someone does not make your own strength any less impressive.
"Don't be reckless! Jotun, aim for the spear. Smash it through the shell!"
Sol splashes towards Amethyst and relaxes, "You must have a care, my queen." her big hazel eyes worried as she eyes the wound, "I Will bless the wound in a moment..." She looks up at Gerard and wulf. There's a smoldering anger. The creature hurt her queen. There must be vengence. She narrows her eyes and decides to make Wulf and Gerard's jobs easier. She then turns and sprints back towards the creature , though careful not to stand infront of Wulf ot Gerard least she get in the way. As her eyes become smoldering pits in her skull and the air begins to shimmer with heat-waves she begins to channel her Righteous Wrath towards the thing that would DARE strike her QUEEN!
Amy turns to snap at Sol, though not near enough to actually bite, just a warning. "You need to have just as much of a care, Sol. Or else don't you dare tell me I should." There's a rumble of draconic anger in there, and no waiting for any blessings. Not that it matters, since Sol heads off to help Gerard and Wulf, leaving Amy free to take flight again.
Wulf's face is usually quite gentle seeming, with his braids and deep, oft-puzzled eyes. Not so right now. His lips are pulled back from his teeth in a jaw-clenched snarl, the umber arrow tattoo that points down across one eye seems darker with the flush of blood to his skin. The blow struck, he listens to Gerard though and as pincers come in, his bloodlust has his eyes shifting upward to where that harpoon went in and lodged. The pincers coming at him, therefore become somewhat more of an annoyance than he might otherwise like; he uses the labrys imbedded in the carapace as a stepping stone, leaping higher with it, right arm held out to his side in a powerful fist -- as he brings it down toward the haft of the harpoon, ice coagulates around that fist outward in a long pulverizing club of frozen water. The aim? To drive that harpoon /deep/ like he were pummelling in a nail on a very, very large entomolgist's corkboard. The other hand reaches to snatch at carapace, so that hopefully he won't fall OFF afterwards. Here's to hoping!
The bug's big pincers come down, thudding into the sand, and no doubt Wulf can feel the earth tremble. But it misses. It comes up to try again, even as Gerard's strike knocks it off track. The ichor that drips from the bug hits the sand, starts to bubble and from that sand, small bubbles rise up. A bubble up above explodes thanks to Wulf's earlier magic, sending a rain of ice shards down over everything. One hits another bubble and it too shatters, dropping a little critter who goes scurrying off towards the water screaming "My eyes, my eyes!"
Gerard is forced back, the body of the beast turning and smashing into him. Rather than try to fight the blow, he tucks and rolls through the impact with a pained grunt. One hand buries into the soft sand as deep as he can to stall the incredible momentum, spitting out dirt as he struggles back to his feet!

Bubbles start to explode with fire and this means it's now raining - things.
Sol issues a loud cry of...something in a cutteral cry, and her hands raise above her hand and clap, there's a crack like thunder and fire that seems to be...the personification of ANGER. IT sprouts sparks, it roars, and it burns, faster, hotter, and seems to reach for living things near it with a creepy, distinctly malicious sentience...there's no escape for this creature.
Wulf roars one more time, having not been dislodged it seems. The wall of heat makes him turn his face to shield it somewhat, but having driven home the end of the ice-club to the butt of the harpoon, he grabs a hold of the spear with both hands now, pushing down with all the might in his limbs with a terrible cry of "rrrRRRARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR~" -- ice flows along the shaft where it penetrated, the will of Isa and the frost giant attempting to split the carapace wide, as glaciers do to rockfaces.
Heat on one side, and ice on the other? The bug cracks from the stress. It's shell simply cannot handle the opposing forces. As the ichor comes in contact with the air it bubbles, and the bubbles all explode, sounding like totally oversized popcorn going through the roof. The place starts to smell of burning fur and bug bits, as everything near Sol's fire goes up in flames or melts.
Amy backpedals swiftly, looking rather ungainly and awkward midair, but she manages to scramble away from her attack trajectory, landing back on the ship's deck, panting. She meant to do that.
And where the bug was, slowly coalesces a jet black obelisk.
Wulf staggers away from the smouldering, gloopy, congealing mass of burning fur and bugflesh, shielding his face and eyes with one arm and heaving breaths as his heels touch the brine of the sea. There is nowhere else to go, but along the beach or into the ocean after all and retreat ends up with him lowering to his knees in the sand, heaving breaths. It's been a very, very, very, very busy while for Wulf! "Fire burn," he hums, chuckles and sighs. Pant, heave, pant.




June 2016

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