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Kitezh Shadow Path - You Have Strange Friends

Quick Recap: Amy-Dragon has fallen out of the sky, into the water, getting caught in the roots and vines of the lilies, under water. She and Merrisol are on the other side of the lily plants from EVERYONE else. Wulf has created an iceberg, for the moment stopping the crusty crustaceans. Ithunn and Siobhan are in the skiff, and were talking to the Queen of the Nixies, before she freaked out over the plummeting dragon.

"You have some strange friends!" the queen manages to shout back at Siobhan, just before she disappears.

Amy doesn't stir much, but the snootkiss at least means that she does start breathing, some water getting spit out in the process. The plummet managed to get her quite thoroughly trapped, momentum being a wonderful thing.

Wulf remains clinging to the side of his iceberg, shivering a bit not, but not from the cold. Ormsvagr circles the obelisk of frozen water, her nose pointed upward to the pinnacle of it, fretting underneath Wulf's feet, to make sure he does nto slide off... which inevitably he does now, too tired to cling. The serpent catches him though, and he slips his arm over her neck, gratefully.

"A life saver! A life safer!" Ithunn yells as Amy takes a dive. The Thane is franctically searching about the boat, finally finding and throwing out a life preserver with the rope still attached to the boat--maybe they can reel Amy in. But meantime, tiny little droplets start to hit the water...multicolored droplets with holes in the middle. Some of them peppermint striped.

Merrisol's prattle about angry flowers falls on deaf reptilian earholes. He holds her scaley cheeks and watches to make sure the blessing took. Dragons got no lips! Then he sinks down to explore the wily root system with his hands, testing the fibrous strength of those around the crashsite, and then the notion of pulling her bodily from the seabed. "Amy!" he grunts, "Wakeywakey." As the frogriders reach them, he extends his senses to the critters to check their intent, but in any case reaches out to them with a croaky query: "What's up there? What is held within the blossom?"

Ruby hangs out on the deck of the ship. After spending a great deal of time belowdecks, she's come up for air and to fill her senses with all manner of heresy and hocus-pocus. It's good there's a rail to hold onto, what with sea-beasts, wee-things and dragons about. She's armed for things that don't like sharp edges and lightning.

Life saver? Siobhan just looks oddly at Ithunn at that. And watches the odd little droplets with holes in the water. How odd.. But cool! She shakes her head and glances toward Wulf and the little riders around him. "I think you confused them," she Whispers to him.

Amy stirs briefly, starting to wake. She gasps as she does, drawing in water like it's air, and thankfully breathing it. The exhale is somewhat turbulent, sending one little frog rider tumbling through the water. She roars, a somewhat muffled sound underwater, as she realizes that she is caught and cannot get free. "Get me out of here!" she adds, as she spies Merrisol there. "Merrisol!" There's definite relief there as she spies the Rebman. And the panicky edge fades as she realizes she can breathe. "Thank you!"

Wulf looks about himself in the water, blearily as he slides down to floating by the iceberg again, as Ormsvagr once more dives. ANy with animal empathy can sense the very pleased feelings coming from the vicious looking serpent as she mows down on crustaceans beneath the waves. The jotun scrabbles for purchase on his own ice-berg and concentrates again a little, to build a shelf just beneath his feet to prop on... and he lays foward with his arms outstretched hugging the mountain over the obelisk, cheek to the cold, eyes half lidded. A whisper comes and he startles, slips off the ledge and straight into the drink again with a splutter, still not used to that. "Augh!" At least more awake again now, he peers around at the air. "Confused frog peoples, they are confusing Wulf! But perhaps they are understanding points. Wulf... wulf must stay awake. Must." Struggling back onto the Berg, he resumes 'the position'.

"Sorry," Ithunn answers to Siobhan's look. "Extremely dangerous--but not as dangerous now," she continues, trying to explain in between fruit LifeSavers bouncing off her nose. "Is there anything we can do to help? at all?"

Merri works alongside the Gulliver'd dragon, grasping and tearing up looped roots like he's weeding a octopus's garden in the shade. The spear-wielding Nixies aren't there to help, answer pressing questions, /or/ appreciate crossover-themed metaphors, and poke at both Rebman and Mandrake, with more success puncturing one over the other. "Ahh - quit that..!" Merri bleeds in annoying trickles, but determines to continue freeing Amy's limbs and tail as a priority. "Amy.. there's something alive in that flower up there," he relays doggedly. "It's viciously irate about something, and able to let us know it.. empathically, I think. Ow!" He waves a chattering cosmonaut away from his vulnerable face/throat, careful not to puncture the little bastard's bubble-helmet. "We should take this back to the others before seeing about releasing something like that."

Ailith can do little, just now, but listen. And, possibly, take a little of the incredulity at Wulf off the table. With some care, she focuses her attention on her palms. Murmuring inaudible prayers in some fluid sounding tongue, a small blossom of clear ice takes shape in her hands. She sets it on the water to float, to let the frogs see it is not only the Jotun that does such things. On the off chance it helps.

The little frogriders are all around Wulf, though he's not getting stabbitystabbed. They are in fact muttering, wondering, awed, but not attacking. The new bit of ice in the water has a couple surface, poking at the ice that Ailith has put in the water with their spears, their confusion and surprise increasing.

Amy's feet get freed by Merrisol, and after a moment, there's a loud chattering from the Queen on this side of the plantwall, probably not heard on the other side, even if there are Chantrises there. The Queen, and then the little frog riders stop poking their spears at Merrisol and Amy, and help untangle the dragon, though with more than a little trepidation.

Amy turns to twine her neck and come face to face with the queen, snuffling at her, even under water. The Queen pales, but doesn't back down, and Amy nudges her very gently, before pulling her head back out of the Queen's personal space. Nope, not eating the frog riders. She turns to Merrisol and blinks. "I should think we need to talk to the others before we do anything, agreed." And as she ends up freed, Amy gets to stand essentially on her own two feet.

Ormsvagr surfaces her head above water some distance away, scads of crabs in her maw and attempting to pinch her to very little avail. To something of her size, copius crustaceans are a feast, not really much of a menace, but she tosses one up, legs and pincers flailing and snaps it up, claws and legs falling to the sea around her maw, along with a couple of other Crab-corn Chowder, Sea-serpent edition candidates. She dives down again, gleeful but now rather stuffed. It's just a game of kill the crab now, thanks to Wulf's eyes in her mind, urging her to extreme side-walker violence.

Merrisol takes note of the cease-stab after a few moments, as the last of the roots are pried loose by other means than his own. He looks at the Queen of Nix himself, and offers a pointed nod of appreciation, after Amy's nudge. To his comrade, he says tersely, "Take care once we're back in range of the flower.. it might still be raging." Peering upwards through the silt and plant bits raised from the seafloor, he begins the swim upwards and will figure out once surfaced whether he can still catch a lift on a soggy dragon, or catch them a trump-lift back to the ship via Ruby.

The Queen stares at the giant (to her) dragon, and once Amy backs away, she moves to a particular lily pad. She says something imperiously, and then beckons to Merrisol to follow her.

A peppermint candy slowly sinks down under the water. Ithunn, meanwhile, waits anxiously.

Upon noticing that, Merri does change course and drifts along behind to check out the portion of plant wall indicated by the Queen.

Wulf drags his head up, now that Ormsvagr is busy killing excitedly, very wearily. "Am thinking probably not..." regarding the ice, most likely. "Am... blocking crabs from coming in. I can not do this forever, but do this now. Can maybe tell little frog people, that I keep them out? So tired..."

Ailith nods. "But say also if I can assist. Perhaps we can build an ice dam over ...wherever they arrive from? And then put a more permanet barrier atop that?" she asks - and then does her best to relay Wulf's comments to the creatures.

Merrisol stares, mystified, as the Queen peels back a lily frond and toodles off. He catches the leaves in that area and pulls them outwards to reveal a body-sized gap culled between the young offshoots of the rooted stalks. Maybe not quite to /his/ body's specifications, but a path nonetheless. After looking at it skeptically, even mistrustfully, he lets his curiosity get the better of him and glances back at Amethyst. "Can you make it up and over on your own, Amy?" he calls, voice projecting clearly enough through the water to the dragon. "I should at least try to see where this goes.. I'll trump if I get stuck." Which is quite likely. But... he's hedging his bets?

The Nixies burbling seems to ease a bit as Ailith speaks to them, and they slowly back off away from Wulf and his iceberg, leaving him in a bit more peace. There is a few more moments, as they wait for something, and then an honour guard of 4 rise to the surface, resting there, as the Nixie Queen shows up again on her lilypad, close to the boat where Ithunn and Siobhan are. "your crustacean friend is big," she says, eyes still wide. "But - not the same as those who come from the Breaking. Your other friend is coming back here. Soon. If it fits, anyway." Sorry, Merrisol...

Amy rumbles softly, and then she says, "I will try," to Merrisol, moving to start swimming up to the surface of the water with powerful strokes of her legs, tail also helping, as she moves to the surface. She tries to get some momentum because she's going to need a lot of momentum to get airborn.

Ithunn stares at the Nixie queen. "Crustacean...yes, thank you for letting us know. Is there nothing we can do? I mean, here, on the surface--as I will not be any good below. But the Breaking--tell me about this?"

Wulf simply slaps his hand to the iceberg at Ailith's words regarding a barrier. He rests there. Nice ice-berg. Keep awake, boyo! He shivers again, with exhaustion. "Am not knowing how to make barrier over barrier of ice. This is what he can do, this is what he did. Holy-ice-warrior, you help would be good. Wulf is very, very tired."

Ailith nods, and heads over to get onto Wulf's iceberg - swimming if necessary. "I cannot build it, but my attention can perhaps keep it from melting. Are any of you good with something rather more permanent than ice? This berg will begin to melt as soon as it is not fixated on."

Merrisol gazes upwards some more at Amy's receding silhouette against the Sea's rippling surface, hoping she breaks the surface enough to engage her wings. Only after she succeeds, does he take a shallow breath, mutter, "Think little thoughts," to himself, then hup! Into the breach. He kicks a bit ridiculously for a few moments, then manages to pull himself fully past the planty gap, wriggling and squeeeezing his way up one bend, then zigging into another twist in the path of least leafy resistance, a veritable maze whether engineered by the Nixies or naturally occurring, he cannot hazard a guess. "At the very least," he grumbles, when he eventually sees light through the stalks, "I've widened the way for everyone... well, except the Jotun." And the ship, of course!

Ruby frowns and studies the problem before them while standing upon the ship. "If we gots toime...aye, where's Maggah? Maybe if we 'o tha same moind...we can 'elp." She curls her lip at the iceberg. "Temporary-loike. Maggaaaaah..." She peers about herself while her mind rambles over the difficulties.

The sound of bootfalls on the deck answer Ruby first. Then, Maggie stops right beside Ruby's position. Looking out and down, she takes the time to focus on the iceberg first. It gets a long, slow look before she nods once and speaks to Captain Incarnate, "Okay. Together?"

With Sio's and Ailith's interpreting, the Queen turns her attention to Ithunn. "Breaking is - we know not what caused it, or how to correct it. Only that since the Breaking, the Great Spirit is angry, the crustaceans attack and our numbers dwindle."

Ailith certainly can get to the iceberg with Wulf, as she's planning to. The water may be somewhat colder over there.

Merrisol's path is sometimes narrower, sometimes wider, but it /is/ passable with some effort.

What will come of Maggie's and Ruby's endeavour? Who knows at this point?

The water is VERY much colder around the berg. But no doubt at all, Ailith doesn't mind and nor does Wulf. Nor in fact, does Ormsvagr. With the paladin's approach though, the serpent resurfaces close to the ice mountain, hissing softly until her snoot is once more bonked lightly and affectionately by the giant. He nods to Ailith, tiredly, as the woman nears. Two are better than one in more aspects than just this, tonight it seems! Wailith and Raggie, ruh-roh!
Meanwhile, on the other side, there's a dragon pushing for the surface with all her might, and as she flings herself up, she gets just barely enough height to unfurl her wings, straining to flap them against the air to get airborn. She can see a bit of air around the flower, her flight wobbling, difficult - no wind to help her out, but she is a shadow shifter and she uses a little bit of magic to find an unexpected updraft, just right there! Lucky Dragon! She goes soaring up, hitting the lilypads that are in her way, moving them, but not damaging them, brushing by them until she becomes visible up above the wall, settling into a reasonable circling flight and bugling her triumph loudly.

Ruby has a weird urge to grab ahold of Maggie and leech forth some sort of added focus. She resists and instead jams a thumb up against her temple, as if this will help in concentration. "Maggah...can we turn tha...aaaugh, tha ice intah something more permanent...try..." She concentrates and summons up something permanent in her mind that's like it. Something that would make someone proud. "Try Glass. Glass is good...beauti-ful."

Maggie flashes a glance up at Ruby again, then frowns at the iceberg. "Glass?" Surveying the ice again, her gaze roams over the shading, the glittering, hints of blue, hints of white, flashing. Drawing a breath, she nods, "Good idea. Lets do it." Her eyes narrow a bit and she draws the pattern into the forefront of her mind. Taking a step forward, she lifts a hand as though to direct her efforts toward the ice, not the water and not the people.

"Oh for..!" Merri may have seen the light, but that does not mean he was at the end of the tunnel. It bends elsewhere, down this time, so down he goes, not just starting to feel like the Nixie Queen has played a spiteful prank with this 'shortcut'. The way bends again, and not in the good way. It chafes! And this from the guy who wears kelp for a living. He struggles on, though, feeling his way with a preternatural instinct for which bits of lily can give way without snapping, when the way seems to close in too tightly. There, a turn in the right direction shows a leafy gap that emerges into the seas below the waiting skiffs and ship, but like the other end, it's a squeeze. Which is why Merrisol ends up stuck halfway in and out. "...Oh, bother."

Ailith sets her hand to the iceberg, murmuring prayer. "Rest while you are able, noble Jotun. I cannot swear to how long I might hold this berg, nor how long it must last." Soaking wet and standing on an iceberg, she doesn't seem cold. Ice mages. Weird people.

Wulf nnnnnnfs to Ailith, smiling a little, then just passes out on the iceberg. Luckily his legs are locked, hugging onto the mountain at a sloped angle with all he's worth for weight aaaaaaaaaaand..... slides slowly down so that he's kneeling, faceplanted on it. Snores begin, softly.

Wulf's sliding asleep leaves Ailith with all the responsibility of holding the iceberg.

Amy is airborn, and now she flies down to the boat, landing on the Fair Wind, and shifting back to her usual shape.

Slowly, creeping up from the lapping lick of water against the ice, the quality of sparkle and shimmer shifts. Maggie and Ruby stand together, silent and watchful. Between them, hints of the pattern hovers and glows as tho workers impose their collective will upon the Shadow. The splash and shudder of Amy's explosion into the air does not take their concentration. Wulf and Ailith on the ice, the one snoring and the other holding the berg in place, register, but do not break their attention. Maggie? Wonders where her beloved is, but can't really allow that to shift her focus. Glass begins to crawl oh, so slowly, fraction of an inch by fraction of an inch upward.

Ruby bears down on the idea. Forcing the impossible upon the object. Trying to mesh her individual idea along the creeping transmutation. Catching the tip of her tongue between her teeth, she's too self-absorbed to worry about Fancy man Merri. There's a bit of a spurt of change when Amy emerges to come bring death to them while they're locked in concentration. Ruby groans, breaking the silence for a moment and strains anew to find a common sync with Maggie.

Hanging there in rags and exhaustion for some moments, Merrisol blinks and awakens to strange noises. Some kind of screaming. The crabs. The crabs are screaming! He takes a longer moment to gaze around at whatever he can see of the changes that have occurred in the undersea and undersurface since he and Amy were on this side of things. Magic, and slaughter, and mini-donuts of candy! Welp. There's nothing for it but to unhitch his trousers, wriggle out, then salvage what he can - perhaps some lily pads to affect some figleaf fashion, too! - before he swims up and climbs a tow rope back aboard the Fair Wind.

Ailith peers into the water as she senses her magic's hold receding, on the thing on which she is standing. But as it isn't getting smaller...well, she continues doing what she can.

On the ship, Amy settles down, letting herself calm down a bit, and catch up on things. She's glad to be breathing air. She watches anxiously for a few minutes for Merrisol, frowning as she doesn't see him. Anywhere. She finds her trump cards, and starts thumbing through them quietly. Maggie and Ruby get a glance, but Amy stays quiet for a moment, though she does move a bit closer now that she is back to her 'svelte' five foot two human frame. "I don't mean to interrupt, but - do we need to warn anyone about what you two are doing?"

Wulf snorts in slumber, slithing with a twitch of his shoulder, into the cold water. This wakes him though, enough that he splutters and gasps for the surface. And is hoisted across the neck of Ormsvagr coming up underneath him. The serpent croons softly, swimming around the iceberg with her jotun passenger once more slumping forward, so tuckered is the giant, to sleep against her neck.

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